MICHELE Watches Celebrates Girl Rising Co-Founder Holly Gordon With “My MICHELE Moment”

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1. MICHELE Watches and Girl Rising

MICHELE Watches is an American watch company known for its great and wonderful watches. Girl Rising is a worldwide association that advances girls’ schooling. In 2019, MICHELE Watches collaborated with Girl Rising to help girls’ schooling.

2. Holly Gordon and Girl Rising

Hallie Gordon is the co-founder of Girl Rising. She is an honor winning columnist and creator who has worked for the freedoms of girls and ladies all over the planet.

3. “My MICHELE Moment”

“My MICHELE Moment” is a mission mutually sent off by MICHELE Watches and Girl Rising. The mission means to rouse ladies and girls to seek after their fantasies.

4. Motivation behind crusade

The mission intends to encourage ladies and girls to share their accounts. These accounts will tell about the moments when they chose to roll out an improvement in their lives.

5. The most effective method to Take part IN THE Mission

To take part in the mission, ladies and girls need to share their “MICHELE Moment” story on the Site.

6. Crusade Prizes

The victor of the mission will be able to win a watch from MICHELE Watches and an instructive grant from Girl Rising.

7. Crusade Impacts

The mission has given ladies and girls a stage to share their accounts and move one another.

8. Criticism about the mission

The mission has been depicted as a positive and moving drive for ladies and girls.

9. Likely arrangements of the mission

MICHELE Watches and Girl Rising intend to continue this mission later on.

10. Assets

MICHELE Watches sitehttps://www.michele.com/en-us/

Girl Rising Site: https://www.girlrising.org/


“My MICHELE Moment” is a significant mission that motivates ladies and girls to accomplish their fantasies. The mission gives them a stage to share their accounts and motivate one another.

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